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Validaide extends Digital Lane Risk Assessments with a unique Packaging Repository.

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Thermal packaging providers join the Validaide community in the next phase of healthcare logistics digitization.

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 10th October 2023 – With the implementation of Validaide Release 6.0, the leading digital platform for Lane Risk Assessments adds an innovative Thermal Packaging Repository. This latest module offers a unique opportunity for thermal packaging providers to join the global Validaide community, bringing the digitization of pharma logistics to the next level.

As the global demand for temperature-sensitive healthcare products surges, thermal packaging solutions play a critical role in managing temperature risks during worldwide distribution. The market for packaging products continues to develop and grow, ranging from thermal covers to advanced active cooling containers. Such market complexity requires precise evaluation when integrated into digital Lane Risk Assessments.

With the launch of the Thermal Packaging Repository, packaging providers can now easily define their products on the Validaide platform, providing essential product specifications and classification to their customers.

Serena Toto, Validaide Product Owner, emphasizes the value of the new Thermal Packaging Repository: “Validaide already provides a unique collaboration platform with 1300 companies in pharmaceutical logistics. With the new Packaging Repository, we recognize the importance of thermal packaging solutions and further improve the value and accuracy of digital Lane Risk Assessments. We offer packaging providers a unique opportunity to collaborate with pharma manufacturers and forwarders, ensuring their packaging products will be evaluated correctly in our Lane Risk Assessments.

Eelco de Jong, Co-founder and CEO of Validaide, adds: “With the launch of this new module we take an important step towards our vision for digital Lane Risk Assessments. We developed the Thermal Packaging Repository based on input from various customers and we are very grateful for the collaboration with Topa Thermal, Sonoco Thermosafe, and Emballiso as our development partners. We now look forward to continuing our collaboration and onboarding additional packaging providers on the Validaide platform.”

As launching partners of the Thermal Packaging Repository, these leading packaging providers will add their product offerings to Validaide following the implementation of Validaide Release 6.0.

Maarten Kleverlaan, Topa Thermal, remarks: “Topa Thermal is keen to join the Validaide platform because the evaluation of thermal shipping systems is a critical part of digital Lane Risk Assessments. We look forward to extending our collaboration with Validaide, for example in packaging optimization and sustainability.”

Vivian Berni, Director of Product Management and Strategic Marketing, Sonoco ThermoSafe adds: “We're enthusiastic about our collaboration with Validaide to establish our range of packaging solutions. We believe that this move will not only benefit our clients but also offer us valuable insights into how our customers use our products through Validaide.”

Participation in the Validaide platform is free of charge for packaging companies wishing to define and share their product offerings. In addition, a Premium subscription opens the door to additional value and advanced functionalities.

With the Premium subscription, packaging providers will have more advanced collaboration options, such as receiving and exporting predicted ambient temperature profiles from customers. The Premium subscription also enables packaging companies to generate qualified leads by promoting their products to a targeted audience.

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