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Define your packaging products on Validaide to collaborate with pharmaceutical manufacturers and forwarders and ensure your products will be evaluated accurately in our digital Lane Risk Assessments.

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Validaide for Packaging Manufacturers

1. Define and publish your packaging products

On Validaide you enter your product information, which is restricted to generic information such as product name, temperature ranges, and product dimensions.

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2. Upload marketing material

Add pictures, videos and brochures of your products to promote your solutions to a targeted audience of pharma manufacturers and freight forwarders.

3. Let your customers  approve your products 

Your product information will be vital for pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain an approved packaging database on Validaide and to store related qualification documents.

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Subscription Types

Choose between our Essentials and Premium subscription options to join the Validaide platform 


You can add an unlimited number of products and share them with customers, free of charge

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Add an unlimited number of products 

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Share products with customers

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For a subscription fee, the Premium option provides you with additional features and services

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Upload marketing material

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Data Migration Service

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Access to Lane Risk Assessments


Access to the Validaide Market Info

Increase your product visibility 

By joining Validaide you can make your packaging products available to our global community of pharma manufacturers, forwarders and air carriers. 

Improve customer engagement

By sharing product details, Lane Risk Assessments and Lane SOPs you can collaborate with your customers and be part of our digital approval workflows.

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Ensure accurate product evaluation

Defining your products on Validaide ensures your products are accurately evaluated in Lane Risk Assessments. 

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