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Share Your Special Handling Capabilities With One Click

The Validaide Capabilities Platform offers solutions for other logistics providers, such as ocean carriers, trucking and warehousing companies.

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Validaide for all

Ocean Freight

For Ocean Carriers and Port Operators, Validaide offers the possibility to quickly share your capabilities with your customers, eliminating up to 95% of the time related to repeatedly answering customer questionnaires. This enables your customers to manage all relevant information for pharma compliance in one place. 

Trucking and Warehousing Companies

Validaide allows you to share and showcase your capabilities related to handling temperature-sensitive goods, on the road or in storage. This helps your customers to configure lane assessments and improve decision making on routing options.

Other Logistics Companies 

Validaide searches for all kinds of solutions in pursuit of making the pharmaceutical logistics industry more efficient. With a sophisticated and up-to-date platform of logistics providers' capabilities, Validaide can offer logistics providers and other stakeholders such as packaging companies great value. Contact us to discuss a possible collaboration. 

Faster data sharing

Improve efficiency by completing the checklist once, instead of repeatedly answering diverse customer questionnaires.

Validaide allows you to save up to 95% of your time through digitalization and standardization.  

No more delays in answering customer requests, but instant data sharing instead.

Up-to-date information

Due to mandatory revision timelines, your suppliers are required to keep their information up to date.

Validaide gives you access and the ability to share this information, providing users with realistic and valuable insights about the supply chain.

Visible to your customers

Identifying logistics partners for shipping pharmaceuticals is difficult as information is dispersed.

On Validaide, your customers can easily search for relevant information. This results in more visibility and awareness for your special handling capabilities.

What our users say

 "From the beginning, Validaide Team has been a trustworthy partner that understood our needs. We worked hand in hand to build a useful bridge to our own artificial intelligence software to help select the optimal passive packaging solution. Thank you for this win-win partnership.”

Yann Martin

Global Sales Director

Emball'iso Logo

“Previously we had to manage around 200 SOPs in different formats, now we have 400 in one format in one location, easy to access and efficient to approve and always up to date. We were able to create and approve them in record time over the last few months.”

Christian Doepke

Manager of Freight Global Solutions


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