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Share Your Special Handling Capabilities With One Click

Quickly collect and share capabilities with your customers and suppliers of the pharmaceutical supply chain and demonstrate your network capabilities to your customers. Reduce your time spent on filling in paperwork by up to 95%.

On Validaide you can share your capabilities with many companies like
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Validaide for Air Carriers and GHAs


Efficiently define and maintain capability information

  • Gather your special handling capabilities and information all in one place

  • Use standardized GDP compliant checklists that are developed together with leading forwarders

  • Employ the mandatory revision timeline to maintain up-to-date information of your stations

Share capabilities

Save up to 95% of time spent on filling out checklists and sharing your information​


Share and showcase capabilities to your customers

  • Easily share information with your customers through the platform

  • Enable freight forwarders to evaluate routing decisions for pharmaceutical shipments based on your up-to-date capabilities information


Manage networks and integrate Validaide 

  • Use Validaide as one single, secure database which can be integrated with your systems or website

  • Effectively manage your ground handling locations, as well as other suppliers

  • Search for station capabilities all around the globe

Integrate platform

Up-to-date capabilities of all your locations published on multiple platforms and internal systems 

Faster data sharing

Improve efficiency by completing the checklist once, instead of repeatedly answering diverse customer questionnaires.

Validaide allows you to save up to 95% of your time through digitalization and standardization.  No more delays in answering customer requests, but instant data sharing instead.

Up-to-date information

Due to mandatory revision timelines, you and your supplier network are required to keep location and capability information up-to-date.

Validaide gives you access and the ability to share this information, providing users with realistic and valuable insights about the supply chain.

Visible to your customers

Identifying logistics partners for shipping pharmaceuticals is difficult as information is dispersed.

On Validaide, your customers can easily search for relevant information. This results in more visibility and awareness for your special handling capabilities.

What our users say

A case study on how the digitalization of the capability sharing process of an air freighter resulted in 95% more efficiency.

“The main goal was being able to share information much more quickly and easier than ever before. Validaide made this possible, now it’s a mouse click to share information.

Mike Fritsch

Global Customer Services

Pharma Coordinator

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