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Define, Share & Search

The special handling capabilities of logistic providers
in one place
The Capabilities Platform

On Validaide, the special handling capabilities of logistics providers are gathered in one place. Hundreds of profiles of companies and storage locations at your disposal. 


With Validiade, we simplified the process to define, share, and search for this information. This allows parties to share their information fast and easily with their customers.

Shared information about logistics services and facilities offers freight forwarders insight into the capabilities related to handling special cargo. This allows them to evaluate the quality and risks of special cargo shipments. 


With Validaide, logistics providers only have to define their capabilities once.  Providers can fill out a standardized checklist that allows their information to be stored in one place. This information can be collected by multiple parties. 


With a few clicks, you can share information about your special handling capabilities with your customers.  This eliminates the hassle of repeatedly sending docs and excel sheets back and forth, and therefore saving up to 95% of the time spent on defining, collecting, and sharing data.


Easily search for companies and storage locations and their capabilities. This helps you to find the right logistics partners for your special cargo shipments.


The capabilities of companies and locations are collected through digital standardized checklists. These checklists are based on compliance guidelines and practical information needed to make informed decisions about healthcare shipments. These checklists are also reviewed and approved by an advisory board of field experts. 

Extra Features 

Besides capturing and sharing capabilities, Validaide offers extra features to capture other kinds of information such as 

  • Upload images to the gallery

  • Upload your company brochures

  • Share audit information

Furthermore, the platform is secure and validated in accordance with GAMP 5 Guidelines.

Up-to-date Information

The platform relies on up-to-date information from its logistics users. The review cycles alert and obligate data providers to check and update their information. Together with voluntary location updates, it produces a valuable data-driven platform.

Capturing data in Validaide allows users to quickly share data-driven information and in return reduce the risk of pharmaceutical shipments being compromised. Alongside an advanced platform, update notifications alert freight forwarders and other users of changes in their lane assessments or other information. 

Outdated Excel files or obsolete information are a thing of the past with Validaide. Accurate, data-driven, and fact-based information shared on a secure platform is what Validaide stands for. 

Commodity Types

The platform holds capability information of different kinds of commodities that require special handling. 

  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Perishables

  • Live Animals

  • High-Value & Vulnerable Goods

Transport Modes

Validaide offers the ability to define, collect, and share the capabilities of different modes of transport. 

  • Air Freight

  • Ocean Freight

  • Road Freight

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