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Pharma Lane Management Made easy

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Validaide allows you to efficiently search and evaluate logistics suppliers, and use this information to create and approve Lane Assessments and digital SOPs.


And with Validaide's Premium Service, you can decide to outsource your Lane Assessment activities completely.

Validaide for Freight Forwarders


Easily search and evaluate logistics suppliers’ capabilities

  • Check if capabilities are present at locations. For instance, if there is a cold room at AMS

  • Evaluate the pharma handling capabilities of a supplier


Configure data-driven Lane Assessments with a few clicks

  • Create a detailed time plan that shows every step of a temperature-sensitive shipment

  • Check the temperature exposure overview for risky steps 

  • Create Lane Assessments that consist of several risk factors, such as temperature exposure or security measures


Digitally approve Lane Assessments

  • Share Lane Assessments with your customer online

  • Digitally sign Assessments, internally or in collaboration with your customer

  • Have complete version control documentation

The Service

  • Define the scope of the lanes

  • Let Validaide manage, create, and maintain your Lane Assessments

  • Access results and share with your customers

Your benefits

  • Fulfill customer needs for Lane Assessments within a predefined short time frame

  • Elevate your operational team so they can efficiently use their time for other responsibilities

Configuring and maintaining Lane Assessments for hundreds of transport routes can be a time-consuming task for your operational staff. With the Validaide Premium Service, we provide managed Lane Assessments to relieve your operational team and deliver results in a short period.


You define the scope of the Lanes, and the Validaide Support Team will contact suppliers and manage data collection, create and maintain Lane Assessments. You can simply access the results in Validaide and share this with your customer online or in PDF reports.


We offer our Premium Service on a project basis or you may simply decide to outsource your Lane Assessment activities on a continuous basis. For more information, please contact us.

"With the Validaide Premium Service, we were able to deliver our customer with +250 route risk assessments within 4 days"

Mark van Os de Man

Global Airfreight Product Manager Healthcare

Premium Service

Digitally collect, assess and approve lanes

The manual collection of data takes a lot of time. Also, the evaluation and approval of lanes are often subjective and error-sensitive.


Validaide allows you to digitalize this process, hence improve your efficiency and flexibility.

Accessible and up-to-date 
supplier capabilities 

Obtaining accurate capabilities information and keeping Lane Assessments up-to-date is a challenging task.

Validaide automatically updates your Lane Assessments if underlying information has changed.

Increase transparency 

It is difficult to obtain proper insight into the transport process of your products, due to a lack of transparency and collaboration.


Validaide creates data-driven insights based on information from over 350 logistics companies, optimizing your risk mitigation strategies.

What our customers say

A case study on how a freight forwarder with pharmaceutical expertise​ optimizes their lane risk assessments​

"The efficiency gain with Validaide is evident. No more risk gambling, we now get a valuable and realistic output"

Astrid Thorissen

Global Healthcare Quality Manager 

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If you want to know more

Please contact us below or read here 

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