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At Validaide you join an international team that supports our customers around the globe. As a fast growing company, we offer plenty of opportunities to further develop and grow your skills. We value your contribution, and we will support you where we can. 

Current Opening: Senior PHP Application Engineer

Job Description: PHP Application Engineer (Senior)

Validaide supports pharmaceutical logistics service providers in transporting valuable and sensitive pharmaceutical products using our data-sharing Capability Platform and data-driven Lane Assessments and Lane SOPs. The Corona pandemic and the resulting global vaccine distribution demonstrated that digitizing pharma logistics - and thereby saving valuable time to quickly deliver vaccines - has never been more important.

With Validaide we help to ensure that healthcare products can be delivered to patients around the world in good quality. Pharmaceutical manufacturers (e.g. Pfizer, Teva, etc.) and logistics service providers (e.g. DSV, Agility, Yusen, Hellmann, etc.) use Validaide to assess transportation risk and optimize their transportation and packaging decisions. We enable this by providing a new level of transparency into the services and capabilities across the global logistics industry using our Capability Platform, and by the creation and online collaboration of data-driven Lane Assessments and Lane SOPs.

We are looking for a full-time PHP Application Engineer to join our team who has excellent English skills and can work on implementing (and improving / maintaining) key features and functionalities of the application, including establishing any specifications and architectural (re)designs as needed. You’ll need to build a good understanding of the pharma logistics industry in general and our Lane Risk Assessment architecture and algorithms specifically. A background in using the Symfony framework (or comparable) is necessary, as well as experience in working on application architecture. What we offer you is a diverse team, ample time during working hours and training budget to further grow your skills (e.g. last year the whole team visited SymfonyCon in Brussels), and hands-on work with our tooling, devops, and development approach, if you have an interest in any of those areas.

Validaide itself is a PHP Symfony application using Doctrine ORM and Bootstrap for the front-end with a fair amount of JS tidbits (vanilla, jQuery, Vue). We have a local Mac OS / MAMP development setup, use GitHub repositories, a fully automated build pipeline in Jenkins, use Ansible for deployment, and a variety of other supporting tools. Noteworthy is also our extensive use of Behat to continuously maintain a fully functionally tested application. This is necessary to develop fast in a reliable manner, but also ensure we meet pharmaceutical guidelines and regulations (GAMP 5, 21 CFR Part 1).

We’re a 14-person company, and our agile development team currently consist of six members with varying levels of experience, including a dedicated test automation engineer. Our mindset towards development is this: we want to optimize our development speed whilst maintaining software quality. We achieve this with the following mantras: “good over perfect”, “don’t introduce a technology unless it is really needed”, “pragmatic DRY”, “be smart: use the right tools that can do the simple work for you instead of DIY (e.g. rector)”, “sometimes you got to write stuff down, dummy (Wiki, e-QMS)”, “integration/smoke tests over unit tests”, “be a {boy/girl/other}scout“, “Bug? Write a test!”, and many more!

On a typical day we start with the Daily Standup at 9. On Tuesday’s we do this physically with a mug of coffee or tea in our hands when we are all in the office in Utrecht. Once we completed our round, you move into a detailed refinement session with our Product Owner Serena and some selected team members. While we refine, you identify the kind of specifications we need to create or update, as well as some architectural considerations that need to be looked at. You agree on a follow-up task to draft some documents - that you align with the other involved developers - for the next refinement so an initial decision can be made. You then continue to work on one of your PRs until lunchtime. After lunch in the office canteen, you review someone else’s PR, and wrap up your own. The last two hours you work on reviewing the status of SonarCloud – of which you are the owner – and write down a few recommendations on how the team can make better use of the tool, as agreed in our last retrospective and in preparation for a meeting organized by you later that week.


You are:

  • A team player, well-versed in English, pragmatic and well-suited for a company of our size

  • Looking to contribute to something meaningful and interested in our industry (pharma logistics)

  • Experienced in PHP; in particular Symfony XP is required

  • Experienced in front-end, back-end and database technologies

  • Able to work on complex features, specifications, and architecture, requiring an in-depth knowledge of the application functionality (i.e. you need to understand our industry and customer)

  • A quick learner, interested to develop yourself further as a professional

  • Living and eligible to work in the Netherlands, willing to grow with us for a longer period of time

What we offer:

  • Startup mindset, flat hierarchy, cooperative and supportive mentality

  • Diverse, international team (Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Frisia  )

  • Salary: ranging from 5.000,- EUR to 7.000,- EUR, depending on current skillset

  • Pension + expenses (home office, travel) + training budget + company bonus

  • We plant trees on your behalf to compensate CO2 using Ecologi:

  • Most of us are a ‘digital nomad’ from time to time, e.g. visiting one’s home country for a bit

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