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Validaide at ISTA 2024: Including Sustainability in Lane Risk Assessments

Recently, Serena Toto, the Product Manager of Validaide, joined the ISTA Forum 2024, held in San Diego on 23 and 24 April. Serena Toto showcased our digital platform for data-driven Lane Risk Assessments and reflected on a great event that confirmed the increased focus on digitization in our industry.

ISTA stands for International Safe Transit Association and is a member-based non-profit that empowers organizations to minimize product damage throughout the supply chain and optimize resource usage through effective package design. The ISTA Forum is where the packaging community comes together to tackle today's challenges, explore industry best practices, and shape the future of transport packaging. 

This year's program covered hot topics such as sustainability, packaging performance testing, and optimization. Additionally, success stories of damage reduction, temperature-controlled packaging innovations & guidance were shared.

Our presentation on Sustainability in Lane Risk Assessments for Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceutical Shipments highlighted sustainability as a pivotal factor shaping decision-making processes. It emphasized the power of collaboration in addressing industry challenges and underscored the growing demand for standardization within the field.

"Sustainability is no longer a peripheral concern but a fundamental aspect driving decision-making across industries, particularly in pharmaceuticals where the societal and environmental implications are profound," remarked Serena Toto.

The conference spotlighted the importance of collaboration in overcoming shared challenges within the pharmaceutical sector. Panel discussions and workshops underscored the value of partnerships among stakeholders in driving innovation and improving access to healthcare.

Participants emphasized the importance of establishing common frameworks, protocols, and metrics to facilitate interoperability, data exchange, and benchmarking across diverse segments of the industry.  

Validaide is looking forward to the next edition and to continue collaborating with packaging providers and logistic players to optimize and streamline the healthcare planning of temperature-sensitive products! 

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