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Validaide at LogiPharma 2024: Simplify GDP compliance with faster lane qualifications and reduced transport risk.

Recently the Validaide team joined the LogiPharma conference held in Lyon from 16th to 18th April 2024. Co-founders Eelco De Jong and Mark Bijl, alongside our COO Natalie Niers and Director of Business Development Bart Pouwels, showcased our digital platform for data-driven lane risk assessments and reflected on a great event that confirmed the increased focus on digitization in our industry. 


LogiPharma stands out as the premier conference for pharmaceutical logistics, bringing together industry pioneers, supply chain experts and logistics providers. Our involvement fits with the conference's mission to optimize supply chain operations and uphold product quality. 


Validaide offers the market-leading digital platform that enables pharmaceutical manufacturers and forwarders to manage all their Lane Risk  Assessments and SOPs in a single digital platform. With Validaide you create a consistent data-driven evaluation of temperature, quality,  

and security risk for each transport route in your global network, enabled by our unique platform capabilities. Our presence at LogiPharma sparked many fruitful discussions and collaborations, paving the way for innovation and positive transformations across the pharmaceutical supply chain landscape. 


Here is what the Validaide Management team took with them after the event:  

Mark Bijl, CTO and Co-Founder of Validaide, comments: "LogiPharma sure is the ‘place to be’ in Europe when it comes to engaging with the pharma logistics community! As a solution provider on a mission to help digitise our industry it was particularly refreshing to see that the mindset towards digitization has shifted dramatically the last couple of years. There is not a single party we spoke to that is not convinced that digitising also GDP compliance has now become a ‘must have’ for any modern organization in order to remain agile, cost effective, and with a clear overview of transportation risk.” 


Natalie Niers, COO has to say: “This conference is great to meet (potential) customers and suppliers, but most of all lovely to meet so many people that I have only seen online until now. So many friendly faces... And it was interesting to hear about the future of temperature controlled pharma logistics and everyone's perspective on it.” 


Bart Powels, Director of Business Development adds: “What makes LogiPharma unique is that attendees are exposed to an excellent mix of stakeholders from the Pharma supply chain. We had the opportunity to meet with Senior Management with the right level of authorization to decide on business deals”  

Overall, meeting our customers in person and building strong relationships is an invaluable experience. We at Validaide, are looking forward to LogiPharma 2025! 

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