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Natalie Niers COO Validaide

Validaide is very pleased to announce the appointment of Natalie Niers as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). Natalie, who has been an integral part of Validaide for over four years, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. 

Natalie joined Validaide four years ago and has played a key role in the growth and development of the Validaide Capabilities Platform, which has grown to a unique global community of nearly 1400 logistics companies. Natalie then moved to spearhead the Customer Success team to support key customers in the freight forwarding market. The position of COO is a natural progression for Natalie as she continues to support Validaide's growth trajectory. 


In her new role as COO, Natalie will take on additional responsibilities further solidifying Validaide's position in the industry and supporting implementation at large global pharmaceutical manufacturers. Additionally, she will be involved in organizing and optimizing the internal structure of the organization to support the company's ongoing growth.  

"We are very excited to announce Natalie's appointment as Chief Operating Officer," said Eelco de Jong, CEO of Validaide. "I met Natalie at MIT 25 years ago and I am happy that she joined Validaide a few years ago. Her experience and industry knowledge make her the ideal candidate to drive operational excellence and I look forward to the future. 

Prior to joining Validaide, Natalie spent over a decade in various supply chain roles in the Food and FMCG industry including at Nike, where she specialized in organizing retail planning and distribution. Her experience in the dynamic FMCG industry has equipped her with valuable insights that she will bring to her new leadership role at Validaide. 

Natalie Niers: “After Nike, I spent time responsible for the global supply chain of a food and beverage company. There, I witnessed firsthand the risks for product waste during global transportation. Obviously, temperature-controlled logistics is also very relevant to the pharmaceutical industry and excursions could be much more costly. I am happy to be able to help ensure global transport of pharmaceuticals in a safe manner.” 

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