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Introducing Our Latest Breakthrough in Lane Risk Assessments

Updated: Jan 5

Following the introduction of the thermal packaging repository in our September 2023 release (version 6.0 - see more details here), we're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking enhancement for freight forwarders and pharmaceutical manufacturers: the seamless integration of approved packaging products directly into your Lane Risk Assessments. 

Why is this a Game-Changer? 

In the dynamic world of healthcare logistics, precision is a necessity. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding temperature-sensitive products during transportation, we've taken a leap forward by allowing freight forwarders and pharmaceutical manufacturers to directly integrate their approved packaging solutions into their Lane Risk Assessments.  

What are the Key Advantages? 

  • More accurate Lane Risk Assessments and Risk Mitigation: Elevate your Lane Risk Assessments by adding your approved packaging products. This integration ensures a meticulous evaluation of potential challenges during transportation, offering a more complete Lane Risk Assessment and with that a more precise risk mitigation.

  • Streamlined Decision-Making: With approved packaging data seamlessly integrated, your team gains the insight necessary for making better-informed, more precise decisions on routing and storage. This minimizes the risk of temperature excursions, ensuring your products maintain the highest quality standards. 

  • Comprehensive and Consolidated Input Data: With this integrated approach, you have all the information needed to manage your Lane Risk Assessments in one digital solution. 

This integration is a pivotal step in solidifying Validaide as an unmatched solution for the risk assessment and mitigation of temperature-sensitive healthcare products.

Here's to a future defined by precision, reliability, and excellence in healthcare logistics! 

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