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Validaide brings supplier qualification to the digital age

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Validaide platform for supplier qualification and lane risk assessments.

With Validaide we offer an innovative solution to collect, maintain, and share the capabilities of your logistics suppliers, with an initial focus on air freight shipments.

This topic has gained significant interest since the update of the EU Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Guidelines in 2013. These regulations clearly state that companies must assess the capabilities of their logistics suppliers. As a result, many companies have increased their efforts to evaluate these suppliers, often starting by creating supplier questionnaires in Excel spreadsheets or Word documents.

These questionnaires may be a good starting point to address regulatory requirements but also provide major limitations. Firstly, it has become a burden for both buyers and suppliers to collect the required information, especially when you manage a global network with hundreds of transportation routes. Next, the information is very difficult to access and share within large organizations. But most important, these Excel documents make it very difficult to keep the information up-to-date. How are you informed when an airline changes its handling agent at an airport, or a handling agent invests in a new pharma center?

We believe it's time to bring supplier qualification to the digital age. With Validaide you can replace inefficient data management processes with a secure online platform and electronic workflow. Simply request your suppliers to share their capabilities on Validaide and create an integrated view of all supplier data. This reduces the burden of supplier qualification for all parties involved and gives you access to up-to-date supplier capabilities.

For forwarders and shippers, this information is then automatically used for your lane risk assessments. We enhance your supplier data with other data sources such as climate data and apply an advanced lane risk assessment algorithm. This enables you to easily manage your lane risk assessment for your network of transport routes.

We look forward to get in contact with you and to provide you with more updates. We are also very interested in conducting trial projects and we're always curious to get your feedback.

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