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Validaide at LogiPharma 2023: Enhancing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Efficiency.

Recently the Validaide team joined the LogiPharma conference held in Lyon from 25th to 27th April 2023. Mark Bijl and Bart Pouwels showcased our digital platform for data-driven lane risk assessments and reflect on a great event that confirmed the increased focus on digitization in our industry.

LogiPharma stands as the foremost supply chain conference for pharmaceutical logistics, bringing together industry leaders, supply chain professionals, logistics providers, and solution providers. Our participation perfectly aligned with the event's goals of enhancing supply chain efficiency and product integrity.

Validaide provides a comprehensive digital platform that enables pharmaceutical manufacturers and forwarders to create data-driven risk assessments for temperature-sensitive product transportation. Our platform leverages advanced algorithms and digital collaboration to increase efficiency, optimize supply chain operations, and ensure the integrity and quality of pharmaceutical products throughout their journey. Our presence at LogiPharma fostered many fruitful discussions and collaborations, paving the way for innovation and positive transformations across the pharmaceutical supply chain landscape.

Mark Bijl, CTO and Co-Founder of Validaide, comments: "I was impressed to see how much LogiPharma has grown in size and in content in recent years. What I found particularly refreshing is that visitors were very open and forthcoming to discuss their logistics challenges. I also noticed a remarkable difference in the mindset towards digitization: a few years ago we sometimes saw a bit of skepticism and an ‘is it really needed’ way of thinking towards digitization, but this has completely changed. The learnings of the pandemic and other challenges in pharma logistics have clearly demonstrated that the speed and agility offered by digitization is an investment that pays for itself many times over.

For Validaide the difference could not be more profound: where a few years ago our company was new to many in the industry, now most of the people I spoke to were intimately familiar with our solution. Many of the air carriers present at LogiPharma are actively sharing their pharma handling capabilities on Validaide, and most of the forwarders either have digitized or are in the process of digitizing their Lane Risk Assessments and SOPs.

All in all, a great event, and we look forward to next year’s edition!"

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