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Validaide and SmartCAE integration for a digital cold chain.

As the healthcare industry continues to grow globally, the transportation of temperature-sensitive products becomes increasingly critical. Temperature excursions can have a significant impact on product efficacy and patient safety. In recent years Validaide and SmartCAE have grown to become the market-leading software tools to address these challenges, by bringing digital collaboration, increased supply chain transparency, data-driven Lane Risk Assessment and advanced temperature simulation to cold chain logistics. Now Validaide and SmartCAE take the digital cold chain to the next level with the further integration of the Validaide web-based application with the advanced simulation application of SmartCAE.

With this integration pharmaceutical manufacturers can quickly determine the product temperature risk on a specific transport route in different scenarios and throughout the year with different weather conditions.

Eelco de Jong, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Validaide comments: ”The combination of our powerful software tools marks a significant step towards a digital cold chain, supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers to quickly identify potential risks, optimize packaging solutions and take action to prevent temperature excursions”.

Stefan Braun, Co-founder and CEO of SmartCAE adds: “The integration of Validaide and SmartCAE is a game-changer for pharmaceutical logistics. By combining the power of data-driven lane characterizations and advanced product temperature simulation, pharmaceutical manufacturers can improve the safety and efficiency of their cold chain logistics, all while ensuring the integrity of their temperature-sensitive products”.

So how does the integration work? The predicted lane time plan with detailed information about the transport process from Validaide can directly be used as input into SmartCAE. The software then runs a simulation, generating a temperature profile that predicts the product temperature during transit.

The benefits of this integration for pharmaceutical manufacturers are significant. By using Validaide and SmartCAE, pharmaceutical manufacturers can:

  • Improve Product Safety: With Validaide, pharmaceutical manufacturers can identify potential risks and take action to prevent temperature excursions, thereby ensuring product safety and efficacy.

  • Reduce Costs: By using Validaide and SmartCAE, pharmaceutical manufacturers can optimize their cold chain logistics, resulting in cost savings in packaging and transportation and reduced product waste.

  • Ensure Compliance: With regulatory requirements becoming increasingly strict, Validaide and SmartCAE help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet compliance requirements.

  • Increase Efficiency: By using Validaide and SmartCAE, pharmaceutical manufacturers can improve the efficiency of their cold chain logistics by reducing repetitive manual activities.

  • Accelerate Lane Qualifications – The integration of Validaide and SmartCAE makes supply chains more resilient and agile, as transport lanes can be qualified must faster compared to traditional approaches.

In the future, Validaide and SmartCAE plan to further expand their integration to fully automate the lane simulation process. This will further increase the benefits provided by our joint solutions.

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