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Validaide and LAINPHARMA partner up on digital thermal packaging evaluation

Validaide and LAINPHARMA have created the next level in cold chain digitization. The data-driven Validaide Lane Profiles are now integrated with the AI-based LAINPHARMA DynaVision application to predict how isothermal packaging solutions perform during transport. This integration enables faster route and packaging qualification, more efficiency in regulatory compliance, and cost savings due to packaging optimization.

In Validaide a data-driven Lane Assessment is created based on various data sources in the transport process, including cold chain infrastructure, pharma service details, typical tarmac durations, and climate data. Each Lane Assessment in Validaide contains a detailed Lane Profile with a process map and predicted ambient temperature for each step in the transport route.

With our new software integration, this Lane Profile can be directly used as an input in DynaVision. DynaVision uses a deep neural network to predict how isothermal solutions will react under the various environmental conditions provided by the Validaide Lane Profile.

With this solution, users have direct insight into the product temperature inside the packaging for any given Lane and packaging solution.

This integration with LAINPHARMA follows a similar integration with SmartCAE, another innovative solution that provides a digital approach for thermal packaging evaluation based on simulation of actual shipments.

The combination of Validaide with LAINPHARMA and SmartCAE illustrates how regulatory compliance in healthcare logistics is becoming increasingly digitized. Combined we offer practical solutions with significant benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers and their logistics providers:

  • Faster qualification of routes and packaging. Advanced prediction modeling can reduce the need for test shipments and provide direct insights into various scenarios per transport route.

  • More efficiency in regulatory compliance. Our digital solutions reduce the need for manual activities to meet GDP regulations.

  • Cost Savings due to packaging optimization. Easy simulation per transport route enables optimization of packaging per route and season.

For more information about our innovative digital solutions, please contact us at or check out LAINPHARMA and SmartCAE.

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