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Validaide and Emball'Iso partner to optimize cold chain packaging

We are very excited to partner with packaging provider Emball'Iso in the further optimization of packaging decisions for pharmaceutical logistics!

On the Validaide platform users create data-driven Lane Characterizations based on capabilities defined by hundreds of logistics providers. Our software combines this information with climate data, flight schedules, and flight statistics to create predicted ambient temperature conditions per Lane in summer and winter periods. As a next step we will integrate these temperature profiles in the packaging analysis software developed by Emball'Iso. This software predicts the product temperature inside the packaging, given the outside ambient temperature profile. In this way ambient temperature predictions per Transport Lane can help to optimize packaging decisions, for example with more dynamic configurations per Lane and season.

We look forward to extending our collaboration with Emball'Iso and other packaging providers, as we believe more advanced data analytics can create significant benefits in the further optimization of pharmaceutical logistics.

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