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Launching Logistic Aide Ukraine

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

One of the special aspects of the Validaide platform is our global community of more than 900 logistics providers. As we watch the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine in disbelief and dismay, we wanted to see if we could leverage this community to support humanitarian logistics.

To deliver humanitarian aid in Ukraine and neighboring countries, a supply chain must quickly be established to deliver medical and other relief goods to the region and into Ukraine to reach the people in need. This includes air freight into Europe, road transport to Ukraine and neighboring countries, warehousing of medical goods in the region, and transport of relief products into Ukraine.

Our idea to support this process: can we connect NGO’s and other relief organizations with logistics providers in our network?

To realize this idea Validaide has now launched Logistic Aide Ukraine. The concept of the website and community is simple:

  • NGO’s and other charities can indicate if they need logistics support, and search for logistics providers.

  • Logistics providers can search for support requests from relief organizations, and also indicate the logistics services they offer.

  • From this information, these organizations directly contact each other.

  • In addition, we aim to provide useful information on the site, such as the situation on border crossings etc.

As we reached out to our community we quickly received various requests for logistics support, for example for temperature-controlled transport into the region, local warehousing in Poland, and transportation into Ukraine. An overview of these request can be found on the website.

The initial results of the idea are very encouraging. For example, a global NGO indicated a need for local warehouse in Poland for medical supplies. We contacted various forwarders and more than 20 warehouse providers in Poland within our community. We immediately received a positive response from a forwarder and local warehouse provider, and these companies have now been introduced to the NGO.

We can only hope to situation in Ukraine will soon improve, but with a more than 2 Million refugees and ongoing violence the short term prospects look grim. We hope with this initiative we can make a small contribution to the delivery of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and neighboring countries.

If you need to ship humanitarian aid to Ukraine, or can offer logistics support in the region, please contact us at or visit our website

Let’s join the cause and help ensure humanitarian aid gets delivered!

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