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Introducing Direct Access to Location Capabilities

Finding the right routing options of shipping pharmaceuticals or other special cargo requires an extensive search as well as expertise of capabilities of certain locations. This manual process of a freight forwarder can become even more laborious if re-routing is needed, which in the current environment often happens. On the other side, suppliers, such as air carriers or ground handlers, have an extent of capabilities that are not available or easy-accessible to many of their customers.

To combat this pain, Validaide’s new release allows direct access to locations and

information. Under Market Info, there is now a tab that entails all market locations on the platform and their information called Locations. The access is still dependable on the availability and authorization. But as more suppliers are making their locations and capabilities public, freight forwarders and manufacturers can now easily acquire the necessary knowledge about locations or routes. Alongside the direct access, the suppliers and locations that you have added to your own platform, previously ‘Capabilities Platform’ has been adjusted. This is now changed into Company Network. Under Company Network, you have access to My Locations and My Suppliers, which are the suppliers and locations you’ve added to your own network. An extra added feature of this release is that that is a Search Bar implemented which allows for quicker access to all features of the platform, e.g. IATA codes, suppliers, flights, etc.

This release allows for quick access to necessary information for routing shipments, or re-routing of current lanes. When inspecting a location’s page, their capabilities are presented in a clear overview. For suppliers, this means greater and clearer visibility of their capabilities. This new feature eliminates the hassle of disordered overviews and manual searches. Further integration of the locations will be implemented in the future.

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