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Introducing Digital Lane Approvals

Regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical logistics may create a lot of paperwork, for example to approve large amounts of Route Assessments. In many cases both pharmaceutical manufacturers and their freight forwarders manually sign and document hundreds of Route Assessments for their global distribution networks.

Digitization of this route approval process can significantly reduce this burden, while at the same time creating better process control with automatic revision periods and notifications. 

We are therefore very pleased to introduce Digital Lane Approvals in Validaide. With this enhancement forwarders and shippers can now jointly approve Lane Assessments with digital signatures directly in the Validaide web application. 

The status of the approval process in a global distribution network can be easily monitored, and a revision period can be defined for each Lane. Prior to the expiration date, all relevant users are automatically notified, which ensures that the re-approval process will start in a timely matter.

With this digital Lane Approval process, both forwarders and pharmaceutical manufacturers improve their control on the route approval process and significantly reduce the time to sign, scan, and document a large amount of paper documents.

The future is digital!

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