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Finnair Cargo has partnered with Validaide

Finnair Cargo is joining the Validaide community to easily share its capabilities and certificates with its business partners. ‘Partnership with Validaide is strengthening our ambitions to create an easier way of doing business with us’, says Mika Kilpinen, Manager Compliance & Processes. ‘Simplicity is also one of Finnair’s core values, driving all development choices to create better customer experience’, Kilpinen adds.

‘We are very pleased with the support from Finnair for the Validaide platform’ says Natalie Niers, Head of Capabilities Platform. ‘Validaide is used by global forwarders to comply with regulatory requirements for supplier qualification. Having access to Finnair’s capabilities will therefore be highly beneficial to all parties involved.’

On Validaide, Finnair Cargo has validated 19 pharma stations including locations such as Brussels, London, Hong Kong and the COOL terminal in Helsinki. The COOL terminal was built in 2018 as one of the most modern in the world with tarmac times for handling special cargo less than 30 minutes. The COOL terminal has 2,600 m2 CRT (Controlled Room Tempeature); 3,300 m2 cold room and 94 m2 freezer and is IATA CEIV Pharma certified.

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