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Digital Cold Chain Forum

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Validaide and LAINPHARMA are organizing a forum to discuss the future of pharma lane validation - how to be more agile and flexible in pharma logistics while maintaining regulatory compliance.

The two main topics on the agenda:

  • Thermal Packaging Qualification and Optimization – This segment will include discussions on simulation, predictive modelling and optimization.

  • Digital SOPs and data-driven Lane Risk Assessments - This Will include presentations from Sartorius and a discussion on the road towards dynamic data-driven Lane Risk Assessments.


  • Quentin Henneaux (CQA Manager - Baxter),

  • Richard Peck (Logistics Director - Clover),

  • Stephan Braun (Managing Director - Smart CAE)

  • Speakers from Sartorius, Yusen, Hellmann and more...

Validaide - Validaide was founded in 2016 to support the logistics industry with digital solutions for lane risk assessments, SOPs and supplier qualification. Today, our platform is used by more than 980 global logistics suppliers, providing the leading digital solution to manage global distribution networks for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

LAINPHARMA is a service provider that was founded in 2021 (founded by Emball’iso) to assist pharmaceutical companies in managing their cold chain logistics. Today, LAINPHARMA also markets DynaVision, a SAAS software tool that provides you with visibility of transport routes, the performance of isothermal solutions, the associated costs and carbon footprint.

Together Validaide and LAINPHARMA have created the next level in cold chain digitization. The data-driven Validaide Lane Risk Assessments are now integrated with the AI-based LAINPHARMA DynaVision application to predict how isothermal packaging solutions perform during transport. This integration enables faster route and packaging qualification, more efficiency in regulatory compliance, and cost savings due to packaging optimization.

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