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1000 Companies on Validaide!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The Validaide community has reached a new milestone with 1000 active companies on Validaide platform! In the last two years the number of active companies has doubled. We are very grateful to see such a wide belief in our vision of information exchange and digital collaboration.

Since launching the platform roughly 5 years ago, Validaide has become a well-known name in the global community of logistics providers, making Validaide the leading digital platform to define and share pharmaceutical handling capabilities. The goal and reason for creating the platform was to fill the void and create more efficiency and smoother, safer information exchange when creating lane risk assessments for pharmaceuticals. With that kept in mind, Validaide co-founders Eelco de Jong and Mark Bijl came up with a digital solution to replace the information exchange in excel sheets to save time and streamline processes in a unified format.

We have come a long way from the beginning, having a very active road map to meet the needs of our customers. Our users were looking for a better way of exchanging capabilities information, to move away from excel sheets and save time, you can read some of the stories on our website under Case Studies. But these are only a few stories, with now more than 1000 active companies we have thousands of active users that use Validaide to collect, define and share their capabilities, build, share and collaborate on lane risk assessments and SOPs.

Marks view on the beginning: “Roughly 5 years ago, the Validaide platform launched with the ambition of bringing the Pharma Logistics Industry together and making it easier for all involved parties to share relevant information about their Pharma logistics capabilities. Information that - at that time - was mostly captured in Excel sheets, Word documents, and the odd Email or phone call. Despite our ambition, though… the platform started empty. In those early days it sometimes felt like one of those gifs of a desert with the odd tumbleweed passing by. But with the support of our launching customers and the concerted effort of our team, here we are, 5 years down the line and a thousand companies actively defining and sharing their data on Validaide, despite all the challenges that have to be overcome with regards to - what is almost - an ingrained reluctance or fear of sharing data. At best I hope that the past 5 years of concerted effort has had a positive impact on the industry as a whole, but at the least, I hope it made the life of some of the people forced to deal with questionnaires just a bit better and freeing up their time so that they can spend it not on answering yet another questionnaire, but on increasing their value for their customers".

It is impressive to see the growth of our community, currently, Validaide community consists of 140 freight forwarders (more than half of the top 20 in the world), 79 air carriers, more than 160 ground handling agents, more than 590 warehousing and trucking companies, various packaging manufacturers, port operators, ocean and inland sippers and many more. Handling capabilities have been defined for more than 4000 locations; more than 11500 lane risk assessments have been created.

Thank you all for being a part of our ever-growing community. The future is digital!

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