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Digital Cold Chain Forum after-movie.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

On 29 June 2022 Validaide & Lainpharma organized a Digital Cold Chain Forum to unite the industry of pharmaceutical logistics and take a look at the future of pharma lane validation - how to be more agile and flexible in pharma logistics while maintaining regulatory compliance.

It was a pleasure to gain insight into several topics presented by our speakers.

Here you can see the after-movie of the event.

The day was divided into two blocks.

During the first part of the event:

Richard Peck discussed simulation modeling, improving shipping qualification, and ongoing performance.

Stefan Braun from SmartCAE gave an insight into the virtual cold chain and how it can serve as a ‘digital twin’ of the real cold chain.

Celine Guyomard from Lainpharma gave us an insight into the company, its future goals, and plans using artificial intelligence to improve cold chain management.

During the second part of the event:

Sartorius gave insight into how they use Validaide platform to simplify their progress with managing their SOPs and gaining efficiency in doing so.

As well, team Validaide presented the future of the platform, showing its roadmap and future direction of the platform.

Nico Ross from SkyCell helped to answer the question of live monitoring platforms' ability to help solve the renewed logistics crisis.

This event brought together a nice community of shippers, forwarders, airlines, packaging companies and solution companies. Which generated new ideas and a clear understanding of the importance of digitalization and information exchange.

Hope to see you at our next event!

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