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The Validaide community has grown to 500 companies!

Validaide has reached a new milestone with 500 active companies! This global community of logistics providers is making Validaide the leading digital platform to define and share pharmaceutical handling capabilities.

Each company on Validaide can define their logistics capabilities based on a standardized Capabilities Checklist with specific modules for road, air and ocean transport. This Checklist has been developed in collaboration with our Advisory Board and covers topics such as infrastructure, equipment and processes and other information required by healthcare regulations. On request of our users we recently enhanced the Capabilities Checklist with other product categories, such as perishables, Dangerous Goods and live animals.

Each company can also add images and documents such as Certificates to their profile to fully demonstrate their special cargo capabilities.

Companies can easily maintain and share this information with their business partners, creating significant efficiency gains by replacing the need to respond to a variety of similar questionnaires. Providing this information to pharmaceutical manufacturers and their forwarders helps to ensure product integrity and regulatory compliance for the distribution of healthcare products.

Our community continues to grow as companies on Validaide can easily invite their logistics suppliers and customers to join the Validaide platform. The solution is also offered free of charge to data providers on Validaide, making the solution also easy to use for small sized logistics providers.

We thank all freight forwarders, air carriers, warehouse & trucking providers, ground handling agents, and ocean carriers on Validaide for their support, and we look forward to continue our collaboration!

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