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DB Schenker selects Validaide to support its Healthcare logistics solutions.

We’re very excited that DB Schenker’s innovative Healthcare logistics solutions will be powered by Validaide!

Validaide will be used by DB Schenker to effectively assess and minimize any risk ahead of time and select the best option for routing and carrier across all modes of transportation. This helps ensure the integrity of any pharma, biopharmaceutical products, or medical devices at every stage of the supply chain.

DB Schenker recently introduced DB SCHENKERlife+ for its portfolio of Healthcare logistic solutions. which builds on the company’s full suite of transportation and logistics services, extensive global network, and strict adherence to local and international compliance. The Validaide data sharing platform is an integral part of these solutions to collect, maintain, and share subcontractor capabilities, reviewing and approving internal locations and subcontractors, as well as a lane risk assessment to measure, mitigate and minimize any transport risk.

For more on DB Schenker’s Healthcare solutions, visit DB SCHENKERlife+

The future is digital!

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